ISIS hails deadly Melbourne siege that left a receptionist dead in the latest propaganda magazine stories

The latest issue of ISIS’ propaganda magazine has praised the deadly Brighton siege that saw an innocent father shot dead and a woman held hostage.

Yacqub Khayre, 29, killed receptionist Kai Hao in an apartment block in Melbourne and then held a woman hostage.

The attack, which Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull classified as ‘an act of terrorism’, was claimed by the terror organisation.

Now, the 11th issue of Rumiyah magazine has celebrated the June 5 incident as an attack on the citizens of ‘Crusader Australia.’

‘On the 10th of Ramadan, a soldier of the Khilafa carried out an operation in the city of Melbourne,’ it said.

‘He took a woman hostage and then killed one of the citizens of Crusader Australia.

‘After luring the police to his location, he opened fire on them, wounding three of them before attaining shahadah (martyrdom).’

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack within 24 hours via its Amaq news agency, describing Khayre as ‘a soldier of ISIS’.

During the hours-long siege, Khayre called Channel Seven, claiming he was doing it out of allegiance for ISIS and al-Qaeda.

Three policemen were wounded by shotgun fire during the siege.

Khayre had two shotguns with him during the siege, which to kill Mr Hao and injure three Special Operations Group officers.

The Somali-born gunman died in a hail of police bullets at Buckingham Serviced Apartments.

ISIS has previously given detailed tactical advice to its followers in the West.

In the May issue of ­Rumiyah magazine, it recommended attackers use an ‘enclosed area,’ to round up the ‘kuffar’ (disbelievers).

The magazine directed to ‘massacre them while using the building as a natural defence against any responding force.’

Source: Daily News