17 ISIS members including an emir are killed in clashes for the city of Raqqa

YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continue their advance in Raqqa on all four sides. According to latest reports from the ground, at least 17 ISIS members including one of their emirs (leaders) have been killed in recent clashes.

After ISIS gangs launched an attack on SDF positions in the liberated al-Barid neighbourhood in north-western Raqqa, SDF fighters responded to the attack, resulting in clashes which continued for five hours. The ISIS attack was repelled succesfully and 9 gang members, one of their emirs included, have been killed, while another two blew themselves up in the course of the battle.

The SDF fighters were able to confiscate some weapons and ammunitions of the gangs and dozens of mines in a workshop where the gangs manufactured bombs.

3 other ISIS members were killed in clashes in Hisham Ibn Abdulmalik neighbourhood as SDF fighters continued their advance.

Intense clashes continued in Nazlat Shihada neighbourhood to the south of the city, near Mesakin neighbourhood. 6 more ISIS members got killed here.

After a group of civilians managed to reach positions of SDF fighters on the eastern front, ISIS gangs started to shell ‘Old Raqqa’ neighbourhood with mortars. One SDF fighter got injured in this shelling.

The gangs also tried to attack the positions of SDF fighters around the Etiq Mosque with a bomb-laden vehicle, but the vehicle was blown up by the intervention of the fighters before it could reach its target.

Two SDF fighters lost their lives and another five got injured during the clashes on the eastern front.

Source: ANF