Five ISIS members poisoned to death by other ISIS terrorists in Tal Afar

Five ISIS militants, including a prominent leader, were killed as they were poisoned in Tal Afar, West of Mosul, a local source said.

“Five ISIS members, including an Asian deputy chief of the group’s vigilantism department (Hisbah), died in Tal Afar as they were all poisoned after eating a meal during a ceremony for one of the leaders,” the source said, Al Sumariya reported.

“The total number of the poisoned members were more than 30, in accordance with available information,” the source, who preferred anonymity, said adding that several members who are involved in preparation of food were arrested and transferred to unidentified destination.

Last week,news reports mentioned that the group announced in a brief statement that Tal Afar has become an independent state from the caliphate.

Previous reports mentioned that the group issued a brief statement in Tal Afar announcing that all the ISIS departments are working through alternative headquarters at the town, indicating the group’s defeat in Mosul city.

In late June, a top leader in the town declared during a sermon of Friday prayer that the town has become a temporary headquarter for the Caliphate.

The town is currently run by Arab and foreign members after all the Iraqi leaders were executed by non-Iraqi ones.

Tal Afar is one of the important strongholds still held by ISIS in Nineveh since August 2014.

Source: Farsnews