Military intelligence officers discover radical Islamic State terrorist recruits in the German army

Senior military intelligence officers in the German army have discovered at least 20 radical Islamists marching in the ranks of the Bundeswehr who joined up to get detailed knowledge of guns, ammunition and explosives.

German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen is to launch legislation to carry out security checks on every would-be recruit after the discovery of the IS sympathisers by the military counterespionage service.

An inordinate number of individuals have been contacting recruiters in recent months “inquiring about whether they can sign up for a few months to undergo intensive weapons and equipment training.”

The draft law could result in the army holding 20,000 additional security checks a year. Legislation as it stands does not allow for vetting before people are recruited, only afterwards.

A counterespionage spokesman said 60 more recruits are being probed over suspected links to Islamist militants.

The service warned early last year that radical Islamist militants were abusing the opportunities offered by the Bundeswehr, Germany’s unified post-war army.

Source: /Express