“Murderer Erdogan” banner at the Turkish Consulate in Marseille

Zinar Raperin Vengeance Team hanged a banner with the French inscription “Murderer Erdogan! Turkish state = ISIS” at the Turkish Consulate in the French city of Marseille.

The young people behind this activity pointed out that this action was only a warning and conveyed the following message:

“Our activity is directed against the isolation on Leader Apo imposed by the fascist Turkish state and against the AKP-MHP regime, which becomes more and more barbarous, as well as against the attempts to invade Efrîn. For us the life of Leader Apo, his freedom and safety are a red line, to cross which will wreak havok. And any attack against the Rojava Revolution is an attack against our honour, dignity and free future. Until the fascist Turkish state changes its policies, we will step up our actions against organisations and institutions of the Turkish regime no matter where in this world. This action of ours here, should be regarded as a warning. With self-sacrificing spirits loyal to Apo, we will increase and expand our activities everywhere, until Leader Apo becomes free.”

Source: ANF