Muslim Brotherhood buys land in Spain for two million euros and plans to open school in the city of Valencia

A Spanish newspaper revealed that the Muslim Brotherhood plans to open its first school in Valencia (the third largest city in Spain).

The group acquired the land for the project in exchange for two million euros. It is reported that the Brotherhood-affiliated “FieciFund” (Fundación Islámicaen España, Convivencia e Integración or the Spanish Islamic Fund for Livingand Integration) is overseeing the school project.

The newspaper indicated that completion of the project will require additional funds, to cover construction costs and salaries for teachers and other staff employed in the school. It is also reported that the school is being planned to take in 800 pupils, including children of pre-school age.

The location of the site is close the center of Valencia (15-minute walk). In addition to the general curriculum, this school will teach the Arabic language and Islamic religious contents.

Source: /Albawabh News