Muslim Brotherhood is behind the sugar crisis in Egypt

Mahmoud Al-Askalany is a Spokesman for “MowatenunDed El-Ghalaa”(Citizens Against Increasing Prices) and he stated: “The first {deserving} to be accused in the sugar crisis is the Muslim Brotherhood.”

During a symposium dealing with the scarcity of sugar in the markets and skyrocketing prices, Al-Askalany asserted that the Brotherhood has, for quite a while, been using sleeper cells and activists to extract sugar from the market.

They are also being aided by collaborators inside the regime to pull sugar off the shelves of major commercial chains. This is the principal reason for the crisis, according to Al-Askalany, in addition to greedy merchants who are exploiting the situation to gain maximum profits.

He added that some citizens are also buying huge quantities of strategic commodities and food products fearing the protests of November 11th.

Source: /Veto