Muslim Brotherhood joins demonstrations against the agreement to import gas from Israel

Demonstrations in Jordan started on Friday, and they continue for the 7th straight week, and the reason is the denouncing the agreement to import gas from Israel. Protestors demanded that Parliament halt the implementation, and also called for a vote of no-confidence in the government.

Trade unions, however, voiced dissatisfaction upon discovery of the intervention in their work by the unauthorized Muslim Brotherhood. Members of the Jordan Bar Association and Jordan’s Engineers’ Association complained to their Boards of Directors about “blatant interventions” by the Brotherhood without any legal or legislative backing.

Meanwhile, the Permanent Office of the Jordanian Parliament inflicted yet another blow to the “Al Islah” Parliamentary Bloc, which is affiliated with the Islamic Action Front (IAF), the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing in Jordan.

The Office rejected Al Islah’s candidates for the posts of first and second deputies to the Speaker of Parliament. It nominated only one candidate belonging to Al Islah for the post of second assistant.

Source: /Alkhaleej