Muslim Brotherhood leaders received and steal millions of dollars from Qatar to support the ‘Ghalaba’ Revolution in Egypt

A former Muslim Brotherhood member, Tharwat el-Kherbawy, claimed that the leaders of the group received millions of dollars from Qatar to support the armed revolt in Egypt, they took the money for themselves.

El-Kherbawy, in an interview to Nogoum FM radio on Sunday, claimed that on November 11th, Brotherhood TV channels aired images of past demonstrations, adding:”Unfortunately, some Egyptians abroad believe that.

He stressed that Egypt is in a real war, called ‘the Fourth Generation’. It is different from any war before. The fighting is not done with tanks and guns, but with money.

The enemy lives among us and has always claimed he stood beside the “Ghalaba” Movement (movement of the marginalized) and the poor.”

Source: /Albawabh News