Muslim Brotherhood opens a new university in Istanbul,Turkey

A newspaper reported that the Muslim Brotherhood has established a university in Turkey, which hosts many of the group’s leaders who fled from Egypt. The report added that the new Istanbul-based university bears the name “International University for Renewal.”

The newspaper reported that the move to establish the university is regarded by observers as a potential barrier to the realization of normalization between Egypt and Turkey. The newspaper also said that the group’s leaders were urging Brotherhood students, who had been dismissed from universities in Egypt, to complete their studies in the new university.

The article stressed that the new Brotherhood University is chaired by fugitive Brotherhood leader Dr. Gamal Abdel-Sattar. Instructors include several Egyptian university professors who fled to Istanbul.

The newspaper quoted an informed source at the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education, saying that “a number of Brotherhood students dismissed from Egyptian universities have inquired about the possibility of completing their studies at the new university in Turkey.”

Source: /Masrawy