Muslim Brotherhood is behind the drug shortage in the Egyptian market

Tamarod Movement representative in Dakahlia, Ms. Doaa Khalifa, accused Dr. Ahmed Farouq Shaaban, Secretary General of the Pharmacists’ Union, of being a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood, who defected from it and joined Misr Al Qawia Party (Strong Egypt Party) led by Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh.

She stated during an interview with TV presenter Wael Al-Ibrashi that the Board of the Pharmacists’ Union in Dakahlia is controlled (completely) by the Muslim Brotherhood, with the exception of the Union’s financial officer.

Ms. Khalifa explained that the Brotherhood is behind the critical drug shortage in the Egyptian market, and urged the Attorney General to investigate Brotherhood members inside the Pharmacists’ Union. She claimed they are behind the drug crisis to embarrass the state.

Source: / Elwehda