British national who fought against ISIS terrorists will stand trial in the UK

UK authorities accused a Briton who fought against ISIS of terrorism on Wednesday.

43-year-old James Matthews was formally accused of “attending a place or places in Iraq and Syria where instruction or training was provided” for terrorist purposes, London’s Metropolitan Police said.
Matthews is o appear in court on February 14 to be formally charged.

Matthews appeared in a Channel 4 documentary – The Brits battling ISIS – about his fight against the jihadist group.

The ex-soldier said he was inspired to join the YPG after seeing a photo of an ISIS fighter holding the head of a woman who had been decapitated.

“What really jolted me was a photo I saw on Facebook of an ISIS fighter holding up the severed head of a woman,” he said.

Several Britons have been killed fighting with Kurdish YPG militia against ISIS.

This is one of the first cases in which a Briton who fought against ISIS has been charged with terrorism.

Source: ANF