Does Oberhausen will be next Berlin?!

Does Oberhausen will be a new victim of terrorist attack after two Kosovo-born suspect are released after they were accused for planning terrorist attack in trade center?

Before the Berlin attack, Anis Amri was also followed by the police as a dangerous person plotting terrorist attack, but he slipped from the hands of the authorities and made the Berlin truck attack which left 12 people dead, and many others injured.

Two Kosovo citizens, aged 28 and 31 are released by the German Police because of lack of evidence for preparing terrorist attack on trade center in Oberhausen. That means that if these two suspects were plotting terrorist attack, they have now ‘free hands’ to think about planning new terrorist attack in Germany.

Two Kosovo-born brothers, who were arrested in Duisburg of Germany, suspected of organizing a terrorist attack, have been released. German authorities did not manage to confirm that they were preparing terrorist attacks.

The two brothers have been released from detention in Essen, after investigators failed to prove that they were really preparing a terrorist attack. The German police announced that they were released because “after intensive investigations, suspicions on links of the two brothers will alleged terrorist plot were not established.”

The investigators have concluded that based on their investigation, they pose no threat for potential attacks. The two Kosovo brothers were arrested on Thursday, in Duisburg, suspected of organizing a terrorist attack in the trade center Centro in Oberhausen.

Source: /Gazeta Express