Photographs emerge of missing ISIS terror suspect killing prisoner

A Turkish court has added photographs of two men believed to have been involved in multiple cases of Islamic State (ISIS) bombings in Turkey apparently killing a prisoner at an ISIS camp to its evidence against the pair, left-wing newspaper BirGün said .

One photograph of Ahmet Güneş, who is presently on the run, and Yunus Durmaz, who is believed to have been the ISIS “Turkey emir”, is said to show Güneş about to shoot dead a prisoner with Durmaz overseeing the killing.

The pair are implicated in the preparation of bomb attacks in the Turkish cities of Diyarbakır, Suruç, Ankara, Istanbul and Gaziantep, although Durmaz blew himself up during a police raid on his home in Gaziantep in southern Turkey in May 2016.

Another photograph shows Durmaz training ISIS militants including Güneş at the same camp.

Güneş, who is the cousin of Gaziantep suicide bomber İsmail Güneş, was released by the court pending trial in June 2016 alongside one of Durmaz’s brothers and another ISIS suspect.

The Gaziantep court unanimously voted to release the suspects on the basis of a report by Turkish intelligence saying they had no links to ISIS, despite authorities already possessing the photographs among a trove of ISIS documentation and digital materials.

Güneş has since gone on the run. The next hearing is in two months’ time.

Source: Ahval News