ISIS calls on lone wolves to derail trains, blow up oil pipelines and attack the Women’s Euros football championship

ISIS has issued fresh calls for lone wolf attacks in Europe as its so-called caliphate in the Middle East crumbles.

Anonymous social media channels linked to the terror group are encouraging fanatics to derail trains and blow up oil and gas pipelines across the continent.

The Women’s Euro tournament, and in particular the Scotland vs England game due to take place in the Netherlands next Wednesday, is also picked out as a target.

The claims were first reported by the SITE Intelligence Group and The Sun.

The calls come following the liberation of Mosul earlier this week and the ongoing battle for Raqqa, with coalition troops having fought their way into the Old City.

ISIS often uses lone wolf attacks as a way to appear powerful in the face of defeats elsewhere.

Those in the West sympathetic to the terrorists’ cause are being told their attacks could cause hundreds of deaths if properly executed.

Even if people are not killed the suicide attacks will disrupt western society, meaning the perpetrators would still be deemed martyrs under their twisted ideology – and entitled to a glorious afterlife.

Iraqi security forces are still flushing out the last ISIS fighters from Mosul as a video emerged purporting to show troops executing captured militants.

US commanders have already warned that ISIS 2.0 will emerge following the war if the two sides cannot reconcile with each-other.

Iraqi troops are now mopping up the last ISIS areas of control in the country, including villages such as Tal Afar.

Meanwhile the battle rages on for control of Raqqa in neighbouring Syria as US-led coalition forces backed by Kurdish militias fight their way through the streets.

ISIS’s claims to a caliphate already lie in ruins, but the fall of their de-facto capital would mark the end of the group as a territorial threat.

However, few believe this is the end of ISIS – who will now likely fight on as a guerrilla organisation, using their sophisticated propaganda to inspire suicide attackers.

Source: Daily Mail