ISIS will target World Cup players and fans in Russia with drones equipped with bombs

ISIS are reportedly planning on dropping bombs on players and fans at the World Cup in Russia by using drones.

Shocking photos and videos posted on encrypted app Telegram appear to detail the plans and explain how the terror group intend to carry the attacks out.

The propaganda is believed to show extremists arming the drones with explosives, in preparation for unleashing them at the football tournament in June.

One of the photos apparently shows a drone carrying anti-tank rockets with the collection also showing extremists returning from Syria and Iraq to work with the drones.

The Telegram app has become a breeding ground for extremists, according to the Daily Star Sunday who shared the plans.

A cyber security expert said that the app has been plagued by terrorists plotting atrocities at the World Cup.

Elad Ezrachi, of internet surveillance firm Sixgill, told the Star that intelligence suggests the threats to be taken seriously.

‘There is no doubt that this technology, if used by Isis in terrorist attacks at the World Cup, can lead to catastrophic results.’

The drones that ISIS are planning on using seem to the cheap kind normally used by filmmakers.

The plans suggest that these everyday devices will have deadly bombs attached to them.

Posts on the app also claim that ISIS could use planes and other specialised devices that carry bombs.

A pro-ISIS telegram post next to a picture of a drone carrying what appear to be anti-tank rockets, reads: ‘These are some of the types of bombs that are being used in the UAVs manufactured by Isis.’

The terrifying report comes after security services admitted the World Cup is a target for ISIS.

ISIS has repeatedly mentioned football’s showpiece event in Russian this summer in a series of chilling online threats and communications.

Jihadists may try to use the tournament as a chance to avenge Vladimir Putin’s attacks on ISIS in Syria, according to Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office.

The agency estimated that there was a high risk of a terror attack taking place with Russian militants returning from Iraq and Syria, according to an internal BKA report seen by German newspaper Bild.

An earlier poster showed a terrorist armed with a gun and explosives near a football stadium in Russia along with the words: ‘I swear that the Mujahideen’s fire will burn you… just you wait’.

Security experts have said it is a ‘matter of time’ before ISIS start using commercial drones to bomb cities in Europe and in the United States.

Jihadists could use quadcopters, a type of drone widely available to buy online, and often used by photographers to film or capture images from the air, and mount bombs on them, a leading terrorism official warned in September.

Source: Daily Mail