Pornographic websites and pages are the most important source of financing for the Muslim Brotherhood

An egyptian writer claimed that “the sex trade and relations which do not violate the law of Allah” is the slogan of the Brotherhood and its allies from the other militants groups such as Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, ISIS and Nusra Front.

He stressed that the pornographic industry is the most important source of funding for these groups. He also mentioned that the Brotherhood had launched pornographic websites. This move came after 2004, when the group decided to apply the theory of “political sex” to deflect public opinion from their planned schemes.

Elhawary added that, at that time, the group dispatched a group of its cadres to France for training and studying the theory of “political sex”. The training was provided by a French Intelligence officer who later prepared a report, currently in the hands of French Intelligence, claiming that the Muslim Brotherhood owns 50% of the world’s porn websites.

Source: /The Seventh Day