Decision to freeze assets of Mustafa Mokhtar Mohammed Saqr (president of Business News Co.) for having connections with the Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood Asset Freeze Committee informed the Egyptian Stock Exchange, the Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority and Misr for Central Clearing, Depository and Registry (MCDR) of its Decision No. 231, dated December 5th, 2016,issued by the Cairo Court for Urgent Matters.

This decision froze all assets, accounts and properties owned by Mustafa Mokhtar Mohammed Saqr, Chairman of “Business News Company” and other individuals belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Committee urged the Stock Market, the Regulatory Authority and MCDR to take all necessary measures to prevent these individuals from disposing of their assets, movable or liquid, and prevent them from disposing of their bank accounts, deposits, bonds or treasury bills registered under their names in any bank under the control of the Central Bank.

Source: /The Seventh Day