ISIS avenges getting it out of Aleppo province by assassinating Syrian military leaders

A senior officer in the regime forces in the eastern countryside of Aleppo was assassinated, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that a Brigadier in the regime forces and a retired General along with his driver were killed in an IED explosion in their car in the countryside of Maskanah town located in the far eastern countryside of Aleppo, and reliable sources asserted that the brigadier in the regime forces led an operation against ISIS in Kweires area in the eastern countryside of Aleppo.

The SOHR learned from cross sources that a colonel, the field commander of the regime-affiliated Tiger Groups’ operations, was seriously injured and that two of his companions were killed by ISIS on the Ithriyah -Al-Raqqah road. Reliable sources confirmed that their car was targeted with a guided missile. The SOHR published yesterday that the regime forces led by Tiger Groups and supported by their Syrian and non-Syrian allied militiamen have begun the process of sweeping villages and hills in the southeastern countryside of Aleppo.

Reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that members of ISIS withdrew during the last hours of last night from the southern countryside of Aleppo to areas controlled by the organization in the Syrian desert, via hundreds of meters that the regime forces kept without control after they advanced into the road Al-Resafa – Ithriyah during the last 24 hours. The organization withdrew from the villages and the desert which it used to control in the southeastern countryside of Aleppo, to areas it controls in the Syrian Desert.

And with such advancement by the regime forces and their allied militiamen, of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities, the presence of the “Islamic State” organization in Aleppo province came to an end. However, the regime forces have not yet entered all the areas which were controlled by ISIS in the southeastern countryside of Aleppo. This advancement also secured the road of Aleppo – Khanasser – Ithriyah completely, while the road from Ithriyah to Salamiyah remains exposed to the attacks of the organization which spreads at a close distance to the road in the eastern and northeastern countryside of Salamiyah city. This advancement also allows the regime forces to get closer to Twinan Gas Field which they have been striving to control.

Source: Syria HR