Two men are publicly crucified by ISIS barbarians for trying to bring tobacco into Mosul

Two men have been publicly crucified by ISIS for attempting to bring tobacco into Mosul.

Footage shows the two men being punished in front of crowds after being charged with smuggling.

They were reprimanded under the terror group’s law, which states cigarettes are illegal as it is viewed as a form of suicide, which is illegal under Islamic sharia law.

Smuggling cigarettes is known as a Tazir offence, according to, which relates to crimes the Quran does not specifically provide a punishment for.

Other examples include kissing before marriage and flirting.

If a person is found guilty, the punishment will be carried out by the hisbah – ISIS’ religious police.

Unlike in previous cases with ISIS, the perpetrators were spared their lives, and were instead forced to be displayed for public humiliation.

The hisbah can punish for anything that isn’t considered Islamic by sharia law.

An extensive list covers a range of so-called crimes, which according to Read The Quran, include playing radios near mosques and imitating the opposite sex.

Source: /Daily Mail