Shop owner killed by ISIS for refusing to pay terror group’s taxes

An Iraqi shop owner was fatally shot after he stabbed an ISIS militant during a heated argument over the terror group’s unfair tax policies, according to a new report.

The unidentified man became irate when the jihadi told him he had to cough up “extra tax” money to pay for the terror group’s military salaries in the ISIS-controlled Iraqi town of Tal Afar, Al-Sumaria News reported on Monday.

The civilian pulled out a knife and stabbed the jihadist, who, in turn, shot him dead.

“A civilian refused to pay an extra tax, known as the caliphate support tax, which was imposed by ISIS on shops’ owners in Tal Afar market, west of Mosul, then stabbed a militant from the extremist group with a knife,” a source said.

“The members of ISIS shot the civilian, killing him immediately amid popular unrest,” the source added.

The condition of the wounded terrorist was not immediately known.

Source: /NY Post