ISIS claims responsibility for the Kabul suicide attack that killed at least 20, wounding over 40 people

ISIS has claimed responsibility for a suicide attack that killed at least 20 people and injured dozens of others in Kabul on Tuesday.

According to a statement published by the group on social media on Wednesday, a suicide bomber named Abu Baker al-Tajiki struck outside the Afghan Supreme Court, detonating a belt rigged with explosives. The group released a picture of the alleged bomber online.

In its message claiming the attack ISIS also warned against more threats to “tyrannical judges.”

Afghanistan’s judicial system has borne the brunt of attacks not only by the Islamic State but also the Taliban. In June 2013, according to Reuters, a militant rammed a car filled with explosives into a bus carrying court employees, including judges. In 2015 a Taliban bomber killed five prosecutors from the Attorney General’s office in Kabul.

Last year Taliban gunmen stormed a legal office in Logar province, killing two prosecutors and five others and killed four people at a provincial courthouse in Ghazni in 2016.

Afghan government forces struggle to control even the capital since NATO forces withdrew at the end of 2014 They purportedly oversee some two-thirds of the country, but have failed to beat back a relentless insurgency.

Source: /Vocativ