School rigged with explosives by ISIS in Iraq’s Sinjar blows up, at least one killed

Waisi Naif, head of Sinjar mayoral council said that a school rigged with explosives by the ISIS militants in Abu Khwima village in Gir Uzeir area in Sinjar went off on Sunday when a local resident named Basha Sleman entered it. The incident killed the civilian on the spot, he said.

The school had been rigged with explosives by the ISIS militants before withdrawing from Sinjar region.

He added that there are still unexploded buildings rigged with explosives in Sinjar, representing a potential threat to the lives of the civilians in the region.

ISIS terrorists overran Sinjar in August 2014, massacring and abducting thousands of Yazidis, including women and children. The terrorist group was driven out of the district in November 2015.

Source: Abna24