London schoolboy pledge allegiance to ISIS in classroom after watching the group beheadings online

Known only as Haroon, the 10-year-old became obsessed with the Islamic group after reading about the horrific Paris terror attacks in 2015.

The youngster watched the heinous beheadings and burning of Isis prisoners in the stages which lead up to his declaration of support for the radicalised terror group.

“I saw them hit men, men with their hands behind their backs, the men were walking and then they were hit, then told to sit down and that’s when they cut their heads off,” Haroon said of one particularly brutal video he had watched.

Speaking to Radio 4’s Today programme, voiced by an actor, he admitted he first became “interested” in the fanatics after hearing of the Paris attacks which killed 130 people.

“I looked up ‘Isis’ on Google, it came up with the BBC, then it went to ‘Channel 4 Children of the Caliphate’ so I saw that and then I watched other sites,” he said in the chilling interview.

The London schoolboy even played an ISIS video game where players pretend they’re staging an attack on an airport.

“On a weekend, everyone was outside playing so I would sit freely in the living room and search up.”

Haroon claims he was fuelled to watch the grim propaganda after he was labelled a “terrorist” by his Muslim and non-Muslim classmates.

He became some fascinated with the Jihadi group, he was even able to name its leadership structure.

Then, when he was just nine years old, Haroon stood up in front of his classmates and declared his allegiance to Isis.

The confession led him to be referred to a Government run programme aimed at combating homegrown extremism.

Prevent, which some have criticised for being used to target young Muslims at schools and colleges, was used to teach Haroon a different view on the world.

He said the counter-terrorism programme had helped him understand the dangers of viewing the gruesome material.

“If you keep watching it, you’ll become brainwashed and you’ll become someone who joins Isis, then you’ll be in trouble,” he said.

Haroon’s case was closed after 12 months with a Prevent tutor.

Source: /Express