Source: Organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood use mosque donations to support their campaigns

One website obtained reliable information and details, published for the first time, concerning the arrival of donations from mosques, which are still under the control of the Salafis, to militants belonging to terrorist and other armed factions in Syria, Iraq and Libya.

The source revealed that security services have opened extensive investigations about donations from several mosques in the areas of Helwan, Olive Gardens, Giza, and Misr Al Qadimah. The investigation is being carried out simultaneously in several provinces, mainly Qqalyubiya, Dakahlia, Al Sharqia and Alexandria in Egypt.

According to the source, these mosques are under the control of the Salafists and the Muslim Brotherhood. They exploit mosque donations to support insurgents in different places, in addition to defraying the travel costs of members of the Brotherhood youth and Salafists to Syria and Iraq to join terrorist groups.

Source: /Albawabh News