Four people killed and several wounded in ISIS suicide attack in Salahuddin Province

Four people were killed and wounded in a suicide attack carried out by Islamic State (IS) extremists in the al-Eshaqi sub-district in southern Samara, a security source from Salahuddin Province revealed on Sunday.

The police source said an IS suicide bomber detonated himself near an Iraqi police station in the al-Eshaqi sub-district, killing two officers and wounding others, al-Sumeriya reported.

The wounded people were rushed to the hospital while security forces called for more reinforcements, including the deployment of the Saraya al-Salam militias affiliated to influential Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, the source added.

Elsewhere, clashes erupted between an armed group and Iraqi Federal Police on the Kirkuk-Baghdad road, a security source told Shafaq news agency.

The source did not report any casualties between the two sides.

On Sunday night, Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Intelligence defused a car bomb plot, through a controlled explosion, west of Mosul city. The explosion did not result in any casualties.

In December, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared a “final victory” over the extremist group, but the militants continue to carry out assassinations, ambushes, and bombings across the country.

Source: Kurdistan 24