Saudi supporter of ISIS linked to Asir mosque bomber goes on trial

A Saudi national charged with supporting Daesh and of covering up for the mastermind of a 2015 terror attack has gone on trial in the capital. Riyadh’s Specialized Criminal Court is hearing the case of the defendant’s alleged ties with Saeed Ayed Saeed Al-Deir Al-Shahrani, who was linked to the terrorist bombing of the Special Emergency Forces Mosque in Asir.

The attack in August 2015 killed 15 people and injured 33 others. Al-Shahrani, who is the defendant’s uncle, was killed along with three others during a police raid in Makkah in May 2016.

The defendant currently on trial is also accused of pronouncing the security forces as non-believers, advising his brother to leave the military, and possessing guns and live ammunition without a license.

Other charges include sharing tweets in support of Daesh and possessing pornographic photos, combat videos and unauthorized books.The judge presiding over the case granted the defendant a grace period to submit his defense.

Source: Arab News