ISIS supporter hacks NHS website to show world ‘the truth’ about Syria conflict

An anonymous “ISIS supporter” has hacked into a NHS website in a bid to highlight the plight of the Syrian people.

A cyber-attacker called MoroccanWolf attacked a website called Telling Stories, posting a long message and a video showing an rapping Islamic poet performing rhymes over a montage of disturbing videos of the conflict in Syria. The website has now been taken down.

The hacker appears to have targeted several other websites over the past year, including the homepage of a charity called Autism Ireland.

“This site has been hacked because of the world’s silence about the three years of massacres that occur in Syria and this still happening, ” the hacker wrote.

“This security breach is not to make damage, It is only to deliver a specific message to the world.”

He also claimed the USA “made” Osama Bin Laden by funding him, arming his supporters and then killing the terrorist leader when he had outlived his usefulness.

“We came here to show you the truth,” MoroccanWolf continued.

He also claimed the USA was interested in killing as many Syrian people as possible to “make the task easier for Israel”.

MoroccanWolf is believed to be linked to a group called X-AMZ Team which hacked the website of non-league football club Chatham FC.

However, the name wolf appears unusual in the world of Islamist hacking, because ISIS supporters generally refer to themselves as lions.

Source: /Mirror