Taliban claim that the deadly bombing in Kabul is a clear message for Donald Trump

A devastating and deadly bombing in the Afghan capital Saturday was intended as a message to President Donald Trump, a Taliban spokesman revealed.

A Taliban fighter detonated an ambulance filled with explosives in Kabul Saturday, murdering over a hundred people and injuring at least 235 others. This weekend’s bombing, the worst attack on the Afghan capital in months, is said to be in response to the Trump administration’s decision to send additional troops to Afghanistan, aid Afghan security forces, and conduct frequent air strikes against the radical Islamic terrorists operating in the region, according to Reuters.

“The Islamic Emirate has a clear message for Trump and his hand kissers,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said. “If you go ahead with a policy of aggression and speak from the barrel of a gun, do not expect Afghans to grow flowers in response.”

Saturday’s tragic bombing comes on the heels of two other fatal terrorist attacks orchestrated by the Taliban and the Islamic State. Taliban gunmen raided the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul last weekend, killing 22 people and injuring many more. Several ISIS gunmen and suicide bombers then set off a car bomb outside a children’s charity Tuesday. Both incidents resulted in deadly shootouts with local police that lasted for hours.

The most recent attack is the deadliest since terrorists detonated a truck bomb in the Afghan capital last May, killing 150 people and wounding many more.

Trump warned Saturday evening on Twitter that the Taliban will not emerge victorious in this fight. “Taliban targeted innocent Afghans, brave police in Kabul today,” he wrote. “Our thoughts and prayers go to the victims, and first responders. We will not allow the Taliban to win!”

The president followed up his tweet with a firm call for “decisive action” against the Taliban.

“Now, all countries should take decisive action against the Taliban and the terrorist infrastructure that supports them,” Trump said in a statement in the wake of Saturday’s attack, adding, “The Taliban’s cruelty will not prevail.”

“I condemn the despicable car bombing attack in Kabul today that has left scores of innocent civilians dead and hundreds injured,” he said. “This murderous attack renews our resolve and that of our Afghan partners … The United States is committed to a secure Afghanistan that is free from terrorists who would target Americans, our allies, and anyone who does not share their wicked ideology.”

Afghanistan declared Sunday a day of mourning, and the Afghan people will be given Monday off to spend time with and care for their families. Afghanistan mourns the latest attack on their cities, however, Afghan security forces are reportedly preparing for future assaults, which are expected given rising tensions.

Source: Daily Caller