ISIS militants calling for terrorist attacks on Christians as Christmas approaches

Islamic State warned Tuesday it will increase terrorist attacks against Christians in the coming weeks.
ISIS vowed to escalate its “war on polytheism.” Polytheism is generally considered to be a reference to Christianity in Egypt. The terrorist group issued the warning Tuesday after claiming a deadly terrorist attack on Coptic Christians in Cairo, Egypt, which left 25 dead Sunday.
“Let all the disbelievers and apostates in Egypt and everywhere know that our war on polytheism is ongoing, and that the State of the Caliphate – with permission from Allah the Almighty – will continue to spill their blood and grill their bodies, so that there is no sedition and the religion is all for Allah,” said ISIS in a statement, according to SITE Intelligence Group.

ISIS purposefully targeted Christian communities in Iraq and Syria during its initial rise in 2014, and continues to massacre them to this day. Many of Iraq’s ancient Christian communities, particularly in the Ninevah Plains region, are now destroyed. Some of them, like the Assyrian and Chaldean sects, date back to the earliest days of Christianity.

Source: /Daily Caller