ISIS terrorist group re-emerges in Kirkuk

A military official in Kirkuk province stated that the extremist group of Islamic State (IS) has reorganized itself and even attempted to enter the city.

Deputy head of a Peshmerga unit in Western Kirkuk Hama Regir on Thursday told BasNews that the IS jihadists have reemerged in Hawija and some other areas in Kirkuk.

“A big portion of people in Kirkuk who suffer from Iranian-backed Hashd al-Shaabi militia’s mistreatment, tend to help the IS, therefore, the extremist group has been gaining strength again and attacks the district sometimes,” Regir told BasNews.

The Iraqi media outlets have previously revealed that the Islamic State jihadists have lately reemerged around the province of Kirkuk, trying to enter the city at any costs.

Source: Basnews