ISIS terrorist jailed for arming the jihadi who killed Curtis Cheng sent texts praising terror attacks

The ISIS terrorist jailed today for arming the jihadi who killed Curtis Cheng sent chilling texts praising terror attacks just weeks before the atrocity, Daily Mail Australia can reveal.

Raban Alou, 20, helped 15-year-old Farhad Jabar shoot police accountant Mr Cheng outside the New South Wales Police Headquarters in Parramatta on 2 October 2015.

Alou was a member of an ISIS supporters’ WhatsApp group where he posted sick messages praising the terror cell’s recent atrocities.

The group was called ‘The Bricks’ and used the ISIS flag as its icon.

On 26 June, 2015, after of spate of ISIS atrocities, Alou wrote: ‘Beheading in France, 25 dead in suicide bomb by IS in shia Kuwait mosque and 37 dead at Tunisia beach. It’s going off. Lol.’

On 27 June, 2015, another member of The Bricks posted pictures of Australian Defence Force personnel getting off a bus.

Alou replied: ‘Omg. May Allah curse them all and destroy them to pieces.’

The chilling messages were revealed in the judge’s sentencing report which detailed Alou’s movements before and after the attack, including how he praised Jabad while getting a KFC with his wife the day after Cheng’s murder.

As the pair watched gruesome CCTV footage of the killing while sitting in their car at the drive-thru in Granville, Alou said: ‘Ah brother you’re a soldier, Oh my god Allahu Akbar, that’s beautiful footage bro, that’s beautiful footage.

‘You actually see it all happen, you see where he is last standing, that’s where he drops,’ he added.

His wife Sharna Perger says: ‘Oh ya Allah my heart you know me I was about to cry I was watching it and I was about to cry.

Alou replies: ‘It makes me so happy man, see how he drops? Did you see how much fight he had in him.’

In their conversation at around 10pm, Alou and his wife also discussed what will happen next.

Alou said of the police: ‘They will accuse me of accessory to murder and terrorism… they will go hard. They know what I stand for they know everything.’

The judge’s report also details how Alou manged to procure the Smith & Wesson .38 revolver before handing it over to Jabad at Parramatta Mosque on the day of the attack.

He tried two different contacts before a third eventually agreed to source the weapon for him.

In one chilling message with an unnamed friend, Alou asked to borrow $100 to buy the gun.

He said he was ‘gonna come past to pick up the millions’ and the friend replied: ‘If you need anything let me know. Patience. Allah is the best of planners. Do you think you will believe and not get tested.’

Alou responded: ‘Glory to God may God reward you with good’.

On the morning of the attack, Alou spoke with his wife in his car. He said: ‘It’s dangerous stuff, it’s got to be done’ and ‘whatever I do [Allah] will accept it’.

After handing Jabad the gun in the women’s prayer room of the mosque to avoid CCTV, he drove past the Police Headquarters in Parramatta, taking a route which he had not taken before, knowing that the attack was about the happen there.

Jabad shot Cheng in the back of the head at point blank at 4.30pm, before police rushed out of their building and gunned him down.

The report reveals how they found a note in the killer’s pocket saying the purpose of the act was to ‘put terror in your hearts’.

It read: ‘oh you disbelievers!!! Know your security means nothing to us. Know your weapons are nothing compared to what we have, our Lord, the all powerful and the all encompassing.

‘Know that you all are being watched 24/7, while you are asleep, while you are asleep, awake, planning But soon by the will of God the Exalted, your nights will turn into nightmares, your days into hell and you planning is nothing to us!!

‘By the will of Allah have come today to put terror in your hearts. And soon the mujahideen will do the same, by the will of Allah.’

Handwriting analysis found the note was written Jabad’s older sister Shadi Mohammad, 21, who played a major part in radicalising him.

Before Jabad’s attack, she fled to Turkey where she made her way to Syria to marry an ISIS fighter before being killed in an air strike in 2016.

Just 40 minutes after the attack, Alou summoned a friend to comfort him because he felt ‘sick’.

He said on the phone: ‘Cuz, can you come down to mine real quick. I don’t know I feel really, really sick, bro… I swear I’m sick, brother.’

The report also revealed that Alou had been in trouble with the law as a teenager, for drug use, robbery and armed robbery.

The judge criticised a January 2015 report by the Department of Juvenile Justice which praised Alou for ‘getting more involved in his religion, stopping his cannabis use and disassociating himself from his negative peer group’.

Justice Peter Johnson wrote: ‘It seems clear that the change that the Offender was undertaking at that time, based upon his religious views, was a process of increasing radicalisation which saw him becoming involved in the commission of a shocking terrorist act on 2 October 2015.’

Alou pleaded guilty to aiding, abetting, counselling or procuring a terrorist act and on Thursday was sentenced to 44 years with a non-parole period of 33 years.

The 20-year-old gave a one-finger salute to the court and yelled: ‘I’m going to paradise, you’re going to hell… this is just the beginning for enemies of Islam’.

His sentencing comes little more than a month after Alou refused to stand for a NSW Supreme Court justice, despite being told there could be repercussions for not doing so.

Justice Peter Johnson said that Alou’s outburst in court on Thursday proved that the chances of him being rehabilitated from his radicalisation were ‘almost hopeless’.

Crown prosecutor Paul McGuire SC earlier this year told the NSW Supreme Court of Alou’s lack of remorse, his extremist views and poor prospects of rehabilitation.

He will not be eligible for parole until 2048.

The 20-year-old threatened corrective services officers and firefighters when there was a blaze at the prison, and made a hand gesture associated with Islamic State.

Alou gave the gun to Jabar at Parramatta Mosque and from there he walked to Police Headquarters and shot Mr Cheng dead as he left work.

Three other males have been charged in relation to the killing of Mr Cheng, who died instantly.

The Crown previously alleged that Jabar walked back and forth while yelling ‘Allahu Akhbar’ in the moments before he was shot dead by detectives.

Source: Daily Mail