Female ISIS terrorist group supporter goes on trial in Riyadh

The Specialized Criminal Court began the trial of a Saudi female here Monday on charges of supporting ISIS and taking part in the terrorist bombing of the Special Emergency Forces’ mosque in Asir region in 2015 that killed 15 people and injured 33 others.

During the first session, the defendant was handed over a list of charges, which include accompanying and assisting her husband in transporting the explosive-laden vest used in the crime from Riyadh to Asir.

The charges also include covering up her husband’s moves, and willingly joining him in his meetings with ISIS terrorist.

The woman is also accused of covering up for her husband when he sheltered Daesh elements in his house, and failing to report him to the security authorities when he joined the fighting in Syria.
The Public Prosecutor demanded the maximum sentence for the defendant.

Source: Alriyadh Daily