ISIS terrorists coordinated the Iran parliament attack via Telegram

Iran’s deputy attorney general, Abdolsamad Khoramabadi said the IS has coordinated the Iran parliament June 7 terror attack via the Telegram social media network.

He told Tasnim news agency on July 27 that terrorists not only coordinated the attack, but also published the attack live though Telegram.

He accused the Iranian government of ignorance of threats, posed by the social media.

Two separate attacks shook Tehran on June 7 and several armed people tried to break their way into the Parliament building.

The attackers managed to get inside the building and engaged in a shootout with the security forces. One terrorist committed suicide by blowing himself up.

Meanwhile, another attack took place at the Imam Khomeini Shrine. The reports said Iran’s security forces neutralized one terrorist, another one committed suicide there. The overall body count in the attacks reached 17.

Khoramabadi said that government should control and block illegal channels at Telegram.

He added that open social media can pave way for organized espionage from citizens by foreign countries.

Source: Trend