ISIS terrorists are often dressed as women in desperate attempt to escape the battlefield

With Iraqi forces pushing the Islamic State out of Mosul, the last of the terrorist organization’s strongholds in Iraq, Islamic State fighters are reportedly resorting to desperate measures as they go into full retreat out of the country.

According to Kurdistan 24, ISIS fighters have begun to dress as women in an attempt to slip by Iraqi forces unnoticed. A series of tweets from the news organization show some of the terrorist group’s soldiers dressed in burkas and padded bras and some even putting on full makeup, including lipstick and eye shadow.

The Islamic State fighters’ captors appear amused by the attempts and pose with their prisoners with big smiles.

The Islamic State views women as second-class citizens, according to a manifesto on the role of women in society released in 2015. According to the Independent, girls can be wed as early as 9 years old, and must remained fully covered and “maintain society from behind.” Earrings, and other beauty products are considered to be the work of the devil, and shaving in certain places is illegal.

The Independent reported that the Islamic State claims that the blurring of lines between the roles of men and women is due to the emasculation of men and that ISIS considers its soldiers “real men.” How these captured Islamic State fighters felt about blurring the lines between men and women by dressing in drag while fleeing their opponents was not revealed.

This is not the first time Islamic State fighters have attempted to use this tactic. Kurdish Pashmerga forces from Kurdistan caught Islamic State fighters attempting to escape Kurdish forces in 2015 dressed as women.

Source: The Blaze