ISIS terrorists shot down U.S military helicopter in Iraq?

A US military aircraft has crashed in western Iraq with American personnel aboard, the international coalition against ISIS said on Thursday.

“Rescue teams are responding to the scene of the downed aircraft at this time,” the US-led coalition said in a statement.

It did not specify the type of aircraft, whether or not there were casualties.

The helicopter is used by the Air Force for combat search and rescue, and was in transit from one location to another when it went down Thursday afternoon near the town of Qaim in Anbar Province.

The US-led coalition has an outpost in Qaim. US forces began carrying out air strikes against ISIS in August 2014, a campaign that was later expanded to Syria, and has provided weapons, training and other support to forces fighting the militants in both countries.

Baghdad declared victory over the extremists late last year, but ISIS still has the ability to carry out deadly violence in Iraq, including a series of attacks in the country’s north that left 25 dead earlier this month.

Source: Aawsat