Governor: Thirty Islamic State terrorists are killed during operations southwest of Kirkuk

Thirty Islamic State members were killed in operations carried out by the Iraqi troops, southwest of Kirkuk, the governor announced.

In a statement on Tuesday, Rakan al-Jabouri said, “we discussed along with a high-level delegation from the Joint Operations Command the security situations in the province as well as efforts made to guarantee security stability. We command the role made by military troops in Kirkuk, which followed the remnants of Islamic State and contributed to restabilizing of the liberated regions and repatriation of refugees.”

He also praised the victory made by the Federal Police along with al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Forces), which killed more than 30 IS during operations in southwest of Kirkuk.

Earlier today, a security source was quoted saying that Federal Police forces engaged with Islamic State elements in Altun Kupri, northwest of the province, leaving three militants dead.

On Sunday, around 20 IS militants were killed as Iraqi forces, backed by PMFs, clashed with IS militants at al-Saadiya village in Hawija, news reported quoted sources as saying. 15 others are still trapped inside the village. The media service of the Popular Mobilization Forces said on Saturday that troops, assisted by Federal Police troops, killed five members of IS and besieged two others during a raid on their hideout in Tuwairiya, Abbasi, northwest of Hawija.

Last month, Jabouri warned that Islamic State still poses a serious threat to the security of the province, saying that the militants are still active in Kirkuk’s remote areas and farms around villages.

Source: Iraqi News