ISIS terrorists are preparing to use chemical and radioactive weapons to halt their loss of Mosul

Desperate Islamic State thugs may launch chemical or radioactive bombs in their battle to defend their Iraqi stronghold of Mosul.

Experts fear ISIS commanders will unleash a more deadly weapon in a bid to slow down the ferocious attack from Iraqi special forces.

The terror network has launched repeated counter-attacks against the attacking coalition but ISIS is losing ground in Mosul by the day.

Their Mosul stronghold has been under attack for a month and they have lost more than 1,000 fighters with hundreds wounded.

Columb Strack, senior analyst and head of the IHS Conflict Monitor, warned: “As the Islamic State loses ground around Mosul, there is a high risk of the group using chemical weapons to slow down and demoralise advancing enemy forces, and to potentially make an example of and take revenge on civilian dissidents within the city.”

Source: /Mirror