ISIS terrorists that are returning to Kosovo pose major threat for Europe

Dozens of Kosovars died in Syria after joining ISIS. In response, three years ago, the government passed a law prohibiting people from recruiting and fighting for paramilitary groups or individuals, outside Kosovo.

More than 300 Kosovars went to Syria and Iraq in 2012 to fight for ISIS.

Dozens were killed but many, including women and children, are still believed to be in the conflict zone, despite the group’s expulsion from almost all the population centers it had held.

Some have returned and Kosovo’s government considers the possibility of attacks by formers fighters one of the main threats to national security.

International and local security agencies have previously warned of the risk posed by returning fighters, and in 2015, Kosovo adopted a law making fighting in foreign conflicts punishable by up to 15 years in jail.

A report by the Kosovar Center for Security Studies warns that ISIS will remain a challenge for Kosovo until its institutions can establish a comprehensive campaign to combat terror group’s message.

Source: TRT