ISIS terrorists steal flock of 300 sheep and kill a young civilian

A group of ISIS terrorists plundered a rural area in Diyala province, stealing a flock of 300 sheep and killing a civilian in clashes with the villagers.

According to a report by the Iraqi al-Sumaria news the terrorists attacked Ayn Lela Valley, to the north of Baquba (center of Diyala province) on Saturday evening.

Following the attack, the shepherd escaped, heading to his village for reinforcement and took 14 youth to take back the flock.

As the report indicated, a young villager was killed in the clashes with the terrorists. Causalities to the ISIS terrorists due to this event are not reported yet.

With the Iraqi forces narrowing the ring over the ISIS in Mosul, the terrorists face a difficult situation for lack of enough sources to feed on. The terrorists are thus forced to plunder the neighboring areas to Mosul to find sustenance.

Source: /ABNA24