Russian FSB forces gun down ISIS terrorists wearing suicide bombs strapped to their bodies

A Russian FSB team has killed two alleged ISIS terrorists wearing suicide belts amid gruesome scenes in a shootout caught on video.

Russian security officers filmed the sound of gunfire followed by the dead bodies of the heavily-armed men lying in snow-covered woodland in the Republic of Ingushetia in Russia.

They were armed with assault rifles, ammunition, grenades and suicide belts – and had been hiding in a derelict outbuilding.

Russian forces, who had set up camp in the area, say a gun battle broke out after they cornered the men near the village of Ali-Yurt in the Nazranovsky district of Ingushetia.

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The pair, aged about 42 and 22, reportedly ignored calls to lay down their arms and surrender, and were both killed.

No one else was killed in the incident. Federal Security Service experts neutralised the men’s home-made suicide belts at the scene.

FSB team members are also seen in the video cautiously searching the outbuilding where they found a half-eaten Snickers bar and evidence the men had lit a fire.

Officials claim the older man had fought with ISIS in Syria and was on a federal wanted list.

Russia’s National Anti-terrorism Committee, which is continuing to investigate the incident, says the men are suspected of shooting a lorry on a motorway in Ingushetia on 9 February.

Ingushetia is one of the more unstable regions of Russia due to an insurgency by Ingush rebels.

Violence has also spilled over into the republic from neighbouring Chechnya.

Source: Mirror