ISIS terrorists shoot down Syrian chopper in Syria

The Islamic State (IS) militants shot down a Syrian helicopter airdropping food to the besieged city of Deir al-Zour in eastern Syria on Sunday, state TV reported.

The helicopter was targeted and set ablaze while airdropping food aid over the IS-seiged city, the report said.

It remained unknown if there was any casulties in the attack, though earlier reports said it caused an unknown number of casualties.

Footage of the downed helicopter was released by the IS-linked Amaq news agency, showing the hitting of the helicopter while landing, according to the Al-Masdar News website.

Syrian authorities opted to airdrop food and other daily necessities to the besieged residents in Deir al-Zour amid talks of an imminent military operation to break the siege on that oil-rich city near the Iraqi border.

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