ISIS textbooks featuring guns and tanks used to teach children mathematics

Photos purporting to show an Isis maths textbook for children featuring guns and tanks found in the battle-scarred Iraqi city of Mosul have emerged.

The book for first grade students was reportedly found in an elementary school in the Al Muthana district of eastern Mosul.

It shows maths problems and equations featuring Kalashnikov rifles, Isis flags, tanks and military aircraft.

The school was reportedly occupied by ISIS militants who ordered teachers to use the text books in their class.

More photos of alleged ISIS books used to ‘brainwash’ school children have previously been shared online.

Other Isis propaganda used to ‘brainwash’ children in Iraq reportedly included teaching them how to make bombs.

Nikita Malik, from counter-extremism think tank Quilliam, said the indoctrination of children by IS “is a three-stage process”.

Source: /Telegraph