ISIS threat is forgotten issue in Afghanistan

Afghan public opinions believe Daesh (ISIL/ISIS) will replace Taliban group. According to senior officials of the National Unity Government (NUG), there are currently about 5,000 ISIL fighters in different parts of the country. The ISIL operates in various parts of the country while they are recruiting as well. President Ghani finally reminded Daesh group at the international Tashkent conference, saying there are 3,000 ISIL fighters in Afghanistan, of which, 1,000 were killed by the country’s security and defense forces.

Parties and political experts accuse the government of raising up Daesh, saying some senior government officials help this terror group.
Jawid Kohistani, a political expert claims the government transfer Daesh to northern Afghanistan.

After Russia, Iran and Turkish presidents announced that Daesh had been defeated in Iraq and Syria, concerns raised as the group decides to change its geography with the help of some countries; they enter Afghanistan’s territory and be a threat to regional countries, including Iran and Russia.
Iran and Russia have long accused America of supporting Daesh in Afghanistan and consider this group a threat to themselves. The Russian president and the Iranian religious leader have always accused the White House of training Daesh.

The NUG and the United States – its biggest supporter – is trying to cope with the Taliban more than ever, giving this group unprecedented suggestions, saying it will negotiate with the Taliban without any preconditions.

The chairman of Iran’s Strategic Council on Foreign Relations Sayed Kamal Kharrazi came to Kabul last month. Mr Kharrazi met with senior government officials and expressed concerns over Daesh taking ground in Afghanistan. Afghanistan’s foreign minister Salahuddin Rabbani told Mr Kharrazi that we will not allow anyone to use our territory against Iran.
The Iranian government is worried over Afghanistan being used against that country. In the meantime, the indifference of Afghanistan government over the concerns of Iran and Russia – which have a key role in peace in Afghanistan – is questioned.

The Russian Ministry of Defense once again expressed concern over the activities of the ISIL group in Afghanistan, saying this terror group is seeking to establish a base in Afghanistan after being firmly hit by the Russian and Iranian coalition in Syria.

After criticizing the destabilizing role of US troops in Central Asia over the past 50 years, Sergey Shoygu warned that Afghanistan is becoming a safe place for ISIL and other terrorist groups; They may even penetrate Eurasia from elsewhere. Today, there are more than 5,400 ISIL in Afghanistan, and this number is on the rise.

Russia and Iran are expressing concerns over the operation of ISIL group in Afghanistan while these days, Qush Tapa and Darzab districts of the northern Jawzjan province are on the brink of collapse by this group.

Source: Didpress