ISIS sharia police in Syria whip tobacco dealer and then shake his hand for forgiveness

Islamic State sharia (Islamic law) police operating in an area of southwest Syria currently controlled by the terrorist group have carried out a highly-typical enforcement ritual involving the whipping of a person for what is considered to be a minor offense.

The unnamed man punished by whipping was a tobacco dealer – this being a black market trade in areas under the control of ISIS as well as some other hard-line Takfiri groups.

After an untold number of whips by the ISIS sharia officer, the tobacco dealer was then considered to be forgiven of his sins and after which the two shook hands in congratulations of the belief that the punishment was just and that the latter received it without hesitation.

The location within Syria where the event occurred has been identified as the Yarmouk Basin area of Daraa province which is currently under the control of the self-declared Islamic State affiliate group know as Jaysh Khalid Ibn al-Walid.

Source: Abna24