Hashish and cannabis trafficking is one of the most important funding ways of the Muslim Brotherhood organization

Ibrahim Rabia, a dissident leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and one of the group’s most important leaders in Giza, stated: “Afghani hashish is one of the key sources of income obtained by the Muslim Brotherhood. You should know that they trade in anything and everything. They are very active in the Bahamas, Singapore and Malaysia, because the controls in these countries are not strict. This allows the group to execute commercial activities freely”.

In response to a question about the size of Brotherhood’s worldwide budget, Rabia replied that it is not less than $600 million. He added that the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, since the June 30threvolution, has paid at least $6 billion to global public relations and media firms to discredit Egypt and incite against it.

Source: /Albawabh News