Tunisian citizen recruited new ISIS members and created terror network in Germany

A citizen of Tunisia arrested during an anti-terrorist operation in the German federal state of Hesse is suspected of recruiting new ISIS terror group members, as well as creating a terrorist network seeking to conduct an attack on the German territory, a spokesman of Frankfurt’s Prosecutor General said on Wednesday.

Earlier on Wednesday, local media reported that German police had conducted raids on 54 homes, businesses and mosques in the state of Hesse in search of ISIS members, detaining 16 more individuals.

“A 36-year-old Tunisian, suspected of supporting since August 2015 an international terrorist organization which calls itself ISIS, and recruiting for ISIS in Germany, is the main alleged offender in our investigation. This Tunisian suspect is also charged with building a network of [terrorist] supporters in Germany, with the aim of preparing and carrying out terrorist attacks in Germany. According to the obtained data, the planning of such actions was at a very early stage, specific targets for attack have not been chosen yet,” Alexander Bade said, his statement broadcast live by N24 TV channel.

Source: /Sputnik