Tunisian Security Forces founded funds and missiles belonging to ISIS militants

Security and military forces are continuing their fight against terrorism in many parts of Tunisia, recently conducting one of the largest operations since the 2012 Tunisian declaration on war against terror. That operation resulted in the elimination of terrorist Talal al-Saidi, the Emir of ISIS-affiliated Jund al-Khilafah Battalion, which is active (in the region) between the mountains of Salloum and Meghila.

During a precise military operation, Tunisian armed forces managed to kill the above-mentioned terrorist in Aine Nouba, when he came to pick up 14,000 dinars (around $6,100) to finance the activities of his group in Mount Meghila. The operation not only killed the Emir of the Battalion, but also wounded four of his companions. Furthermore, following the Salloum operation, army units uncovered caches of weapons used by terrorists in Tunisia.

They also found maps indicating the locations of ammunition and weapons depots containing bombs and rockets in Ben Guerdane region in the governorate of Medenine. Security forces discovered empty stores {of unfound weapons}, which sources claim were used by terrorists in the western mountains and in the Ben Guerdane attack during March7th-9th, 2016.

Source: /Mosaique FM