Two suspected ISIS recruits of Moroccan origin arrested in Spain for planning attacks in the country

Two suspected ISIS terrorists who authorities say were willing to carry out attacks in Spain, have been arrested in Barcelona and Madrid.

The Moroccan pair were “dangerous” and “directed and controlled” by the terror group, Spanish Ministry of Interior officials said.

The two men, who have not been named, are said to have isolated themselves from the rest of society and limited their contact with the outside world through “terrorists profiles” on the Internet.

They were held during dawn raids today in the Spanish capital and Roda de Ter in the province of Barcelona an hour’s drive north of the Catalan city.

A Spanish Ministry of Interior spokesman, referring to ISIS , said in a statement: “They were fully integrated into ISIS, following their instructions and their plans of actions to the letter.”

Officials described the pair as being in a “state of pre-alert for the possible commission of terrorist attacks in Spain”.

The Ministry of Interior spokesman added: “They were also active on the Internet and social media with the aim of radicalising and recruiting new conscripts.

“They divulged a wealth of radical material including propaganda material designed to fill western societies with fear.”

Source: /Alalam