While ISIS is diging a huge tunnel network, the residents of Mosul store food

A source inside the city of Mosul said that ISIS terrorist gangs have begun digging a very large tunnel on the left side of the city.

Meanwhile, local residents have started hoarding supplies in preparation for the operation to liberate {the city} which the government vowed to retake by the end of 2016. The source added: “Members of the Hisbah yesterday arrested 20 people on charges of selling cigarettes.

They were publicly tied to a cross-shaped pole for two hours during the night. They did the same to another group on the same charges in Al-Risala district on the right side of the city.”

The source also revealed there has been “a significant rise in food prices in Mosul with the approaching of Eid. In addition, residents are storing food in anticipation of the upcoming battle of Mosul.”

Source: Buratha News